Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Design: Schedule Cover

I recently designed the cover for schedule for the 2010 Kelmscott Annual Show – for the theme of 'Year of Biodiversity'. 
And yesterday I got my hands on a printed copy, which I think turned out pretty well. 

I designed the main image in Adobe Illustrator. There's a bit of a push to 'modernise' the show at the moment, I think, so I tried to keep it clean and modern, and kept colours to a minimum, just adding yellow to the two logo colours of blue and green:

The plants and animals were grouped around the logo (The KAS with the circle below) with the jumping horse inside the circle being an image they've been using since, apparently, 1995. The image had deteriorated badly through repeated copyings, so I got hold of the earliest possible version and vectorised it (which was, I must say, very tedious)

I added a background and text:

And here's the final result:

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