Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sketch: Spatuletailed Hummingbirds

I was watching the BBC's beautiful Life on tv  – the 'birds' episode, which had beautiful footage of the lovely spatuletailed hummingbirds (Laddigesia Mirabilis). So of course I had to draw one.

I found the footage on the BBC website, so I was able to replay it and see them properly so I could get some down on paper.

The quick sketches on the left were done in pencil, as usual, but the picture on the right was me mucking around with various pens that were lying around in my desk drawer – two COPIC markers that have been hanging around since I had to do greyscale layouts in uni, some ink pens, fineliners, metallic gel pens and highlighters. Good fun. =)
This of course means the colours are not quite accurate – but they're vaguely right. They're a sort of greenish-grey/blue/black/white combination, it's just a bit more earthy than I have here. ^.^

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