Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sketches: From the Travel Diary 1

I've recently returned from a 10-day trip to Malaysia. My cousin was getting married in KL, so we started off in Penang, and finished our trip in Kuala Lumpur, for the wedding.

I'm a bit behind on the travel diary I was keeping, as I got pretty much no time while actually on holiday. (and came home to lots of work to do) But I plan to finish it off, come hell or high water! =P

So, here we have some pages from the Penang part of our trip – very sketchy, as they were of course not meant to be refined. I used various combinations of pencil, a variety of pens and ecoline ink (done at home, I wasn't travelling with it =P) in a little A5 Moleskine. It's not the best for ecoline, but it'll do.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Various flowers seen in Georgetown, a woman doing batik, more flowers (this time outside the Batik factory), various butterflies from the Penang Butterfly Farm, a small bird, and a sketch map. =) 

Stay tuned for more pages, as I actually ... you know... finish them. 

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