Monday, September 20, 2010

Study: 20s girl

There is absolutely nothing actually creative about this. =P I've been so busy (which is a fabulous thing, of course) that I have no brain left for actual creativity once I've finished work for the day. ^.^

Olde-Fashioned over on deviantart uploaded this wallpaper recently, and I just loved the image she'd used (from the cover of an old Photoplay magazine). She was kind enough to send me the original file, and I did a study of it, partly for fun and relaxation, and partly because my lovely mother gave me some Rose Madder watercolour over the weekend, and this was an opportunity to use it without taking up too much of my time. 

I did a pencil sketch last night, which took about 50 minutes or so (while watching tv) and printed it out onto watercolour paper and mucked about with my watercolours tonight, which took about half an hour. Much fun was had. =) And I still need to work on my washes (although admittedly I wasn't trying very hard)


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