Saturday, August 14, 2010

Illustration: Mousin' About

Finally got around to replacing my horrible blog banner. =)

I did the original sketch for this some time in late June, and started painting at the same time I did the Bluestocking Firefly Banner, but I only just got round to finishing it this afternoon:


I think it looks much better than the quickly-thrown-together one I had up before. 
This was inked with a brush and Art Spectrum sepia ink, and painted in Winsor & Newton watercolours. The text and the sketches (from my sketchbooks) on the papers were added using Photoshop

And for your amusement, here is an animation of its creation:

Original sketch > Digital Sketch (Photoshop) > Pencil Layout > Colour Study (Photoshop) > Linework > Various Stages of the Painting > Adding Sketches and Text

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