Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Collection of Christmas Cards

I've been making our family Christmas cards for years now, and I came across a bunch of them while I was sorting through a drawer, and thought I'd share, since it's getting so close to Christmas.

I'm not even sure when these two were done. About 2001, I think. Certainly I was using a laptop for the digital one on the left, and I know I didn't have a tablet at that point, and did it all with the button mouse. 
The kangaroo was coloured pencil. 

I'm not sure what's become of the intervening years. There must be samples around somewhere, though to be honest I don't even remember what most of them were. =P

2006 I was still doing two designs a year. Here we have an angel with digital cell shading and gold stars (based on an old photo from the 20s; I liked the basic idea of the pose and costume, and adapted), and linework wattle flowers with gold highlights and a cut-out centre.

2007 I did some angels, based on some stock photos by Becky Stock over on deviantArt.
You can see the card over here.
These angels were definitely one of my most popular card designs, and I'm very fond of them. 

2008 I went all graphic, and to mix things up had one card in gold and one in blue and silver. 
The image was hand drawn with a fineliner, and the stars were glittered using double-sided adhesive paper (rather fiddly)

2009 I went back to angels, since everyone seemed to want some more of them. This one was jazzed up a bit with a punched-out star in the background, and a glittered halo. As with my previous angels, this was done in Photoshop. 

2010 I went graphic again, this time with baubles, even more fiddly glitter, and an even larger number to make. Sometimes I question my sanity.
My original post about this year's cards is here.

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