Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quotes: Something Fresh

Ironically enough, this isn't fresh. It's been dug out of my archives for your viewing pleasure, having been done a good 18 months ago. 

The quote is from P G Wodehouse's wonderful Something Fresh, also known as Something New. Anyone who's ever heard Jonathon Cecil read this particular segment aloud would sympathise, I am sure, with my desire to draw it. ^.^ 

In case my writing is illegible (it isn't the best scan, the paper was too thin) here is the full quote:

"If girls realised their responsibilities they would be so careful when they smiled that they would probably abandon the practice altogether. There are moments in a man's life when a girl's smile can have as important results as an explosion of dynamite.
It is not too much to say that he reeled before Joan's smile, it was so entirely unexpected. He clutched Mr Peter's steamer trunk in his emotion. 
All his resolutions to be cold and distant were swept away. He had the feeling that in a friendless universe here was somebody who was fond of him and was glad to see him.
A smile of such importance deserves analysis, and in this case repays it..."

Of course, one could quote an entire Wodehouse novel, but I won't do that! 

And yes, I am aware that that is not a steamer trunk. It fitted better as a small overnight bag. =P 

Moleskine Cahier, no refs, June-July 2009


  1. Hi, Thanks for posting above. I knew the quote but had a hard time remembering the name of the book by PGW it was from. Now, I cant find my copy of the book. Is there anyway you can quote next few more lines? Need it to make an impression on someone I am chasing on Cheers and thanks again

    1. You'll find Project Gutenberg will be your friend. The book is under the alternate title of Something New



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