Monday, March 21, 2011


I actually finished Fred last week, and he was collected on Wednesday – I just haven't got round to posting him until now. 

I'm happy to say the commissioner was very happy with the result; I hope the person this is intended for will like it as much. =) 

I enjoyed doing this portrait – most of it was very relaxing, just colouring in! =P Since my last posting, I finished off the coloured pencil work, and added considerably to the inking. I also added a white spot on colour-Fred's eye; not quite true to the Franz Marc style, but it made him look much more alive. 
The abstract squares were a little challenging, as I've never done anything like them before, but once I worked out what I was doing, I think they worked quite well. I based them on Marc's Piggies (no idea of the date) because they added a bit of the abstract qualities of Marc's later work without being too overpowering of the linework, or being too difficult for me to execute (with a view to the facts that I have never been very good at abstracting things, and I was using coloured pencil, not paint.) 

All things considered, I'm pretty pleased with this. I hope you like it! 

Winsor & Newton and Reeves watercolours and Prismacolour pencils, Carbon Black Atelier waterproof drawing ink on Bristol Board. 

About 23 hours.

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  1. The work is wonderful! Franz Marc is one of my favourite artists (and certainly my favourite equine artist) and you have captured his style brilliantly. I think the Marc-Fred also shows Fred's curiosity and gentleness really well, while the black and white portrait shows his elegance. Thank you very much!



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