Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Illustration: Tina Arena

We go to the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra's Contempo concerts – about three a year, which cover a wide range of not overly-highbrow music. This year it's Tina Arena, James Morrison's Tribute to Louis Armstrong, and Gershwin. 

Tina Arena was on Sunday, and I did a small sketch of her during the interval. Monday I decided I didn't like the sketch at all, and rubbed the whole thing out and started again. And today I mucked about with it in Photoshop. I used myself for the pose reference, youtubed Tina to make sure I got something vaguely resembling facial likeness, and checked Aurelio Costarella's website for the dress, which I'd sketched at the time, and then stupidly rubbed out before I'd refreshed my memory as to what it looked like >.<. 

There are parts of this I'm not too happy with, but overall I don't think it's a failure. =)

All in all about four hours, maybe five. I forced myself to leave it a bit unrefined. 
Adobe Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos 3

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