Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sketches: Pride and Prejudice

These continue on from Lady Catherine, being on the next two pages of my sketchbook (the fact that several things have been posted here before these is neither here nor there! =P) 

I was playing around with the 1795 date of the original First Impressions, rather than the 1813 date of Pride and Prejudice. I don't often draw costume from that era, tending to somehow miss the mid-to-late 1790s. Possibly it's because I don't read all that many books set at that time, and my sketchbooks are a pretty good indication of what I'm reading or watching at any given time. So I thought it would be good practice, and pulled out my trusty Costume: 1066 to the Present by John Peacock for inspiration. 

So here we have Lizzy and Jane, Darcy and Bingley. I'm much happier with this Darcy than with this one... but this time I'm not so happy with Jane. Such is life, I suppose. 

I'm currently sketching some Diana Wynne Jones art (Probably quite inaccurately, as it's over a year (0r 78.5 books) since I last read her work) Her books have been on my mind since I heard of her sad death the other day. Naturally this gives me sketching ideas, but as there isn't a Wynne Jones book in the house (scandalous, I know!) I'm working from memory.

And to add a bit of colour to this post, here's a shot of my desk:

I always like to see people's workspaces, so here you can see how very messy everywhere gets towards the end of a painting. You can see the almost completed Dormice here, along with references and lots of paint. 
The Dormice are just awaiting a few final touchups tomorrow, and then they shall be finished, and my desk shall be completely cleared ready to start a coloured pencil portrait commission. 

Sketches in 0.5 mechanical pencil with #B lead in Jasart 'My Memoirs' sketchbook. 

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