Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Portrait: Emma Watson

Here's the finished portrait of Emma Watson, started in January 2008 (*cringe*), and just dug out of the archives and finished off. The original photo is from the December 2007 edition of InStyle magazine, which I found online. I liked the vintage styling and wanted a good reference to practice reflective surfaces. 
Originally I was going to add on to the image and draw the rest of the vespa (which isn't shown in the photo) and the background – but for the purposes of getting this done I stuck to the reference to just fulfil the original objective (practicing shiny stuff), and slapped a graphic background behind her. 

A few details, so you can see that this is actually a painting. =P

And here's an animation showing part of the process – not all of it, as I didn't have any screenshots for the 2008 part of this. The first frame here is the work I'd done in Painter 9, at the stage I'd got to when this fell by the wayside for whatever reason. All the other stages are in Photoshop CS4.

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