Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Christmas Cards 1

Since I've a bit of time while waiting for clients to work out what they want, I'm starting this year's Christmas cards. If I don't do the family Christmas cards, they just don't get sent – so any time after June I start thinking about them, since I never know when I might be swamped with work – and knowing my luck, that will be right when I need to work on the Christmas cards. Last year I had the card design done by July, and put them together in my next block of free time, in November. So this year I'm actually running a bit late! =P

Originally I intended to do a third musical angel design (you can see the previous two here) but I have decided to be lazy and work from an already done sketch.

This is the final colour study, preparatory to painting tomorrow:

Here's the original sketch, done in January, when it was so hot (on that particular day the minimum didn't even drop below 25C), and I just wanted to think of snow. 
 I liked it, so it languished on my desktop for months, until I decided that it could work well on a Christmas card, and did a pencil version:

And then I inked it. It's annoying, but you never get quite the same expression on characters when you ink. I could have varied my line weights a bit more, but I'm planning on fairly flat, slightly Deco colouring; They won't be big cards, I don't want something overpowering for such a small space. Once the paint is on I'll touch up the lines that need thickening.

Tomorrow the plan is to paint it (unless the clients make up their minds in the meantime).

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