Saturday, September 17, 2011

Illustration: Mother Nature

Client work, for the Kelmscott Agricultural Society.

The Society's 2012 theme is 'Life on the Land: Mother Nature'. I've done several themes for them before, but never this early; the illustration was needed for inclusion in an ad featured in a year-long tourism publication that is to be released next month. I'll probably do a few tweaks before this is used in the rest of the Society publicity next year, but the deadline was short, so for now it's done.

This is the original concept (I did five) but it was requested that I change the globe to animals and farm produce. Given the short deadline, this was a bit of a struggle, but I think it came out all right. I quite like the ducks.

Given that this has to be used in a large variety of applications, I did it in Adobe Illustrator. This is the outline map, and a detail of Mother Nature herself.


Adobe Illustrator CS4, 20.5 hours.

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