Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cards: Dogs

My Great Aunt likes to send people cards. And very nicely of her, she likes to get me to make them for her. This can admittedly be a little tedious, as she often wants specific cards, and if I don't have a corresponding image in my files, I have to create one – and you can't charge Great Aunts for illustrations meant for her cards. =P

This batch was to be themed around dogs, and some of them had to be german shepherds. 

There were no german shepherds in my files, so here's a digital scratchboard illustration I threw together in about 20 minutes in Photoshop. I used a reference from dogbreedinfo.com for this.

And here's a bouncy terrier-like thing that I also put together for these cards. It took me a bit longer, maybe an hour, using a ref I'd snapped from a youtube video my father was watching a few months ago – very fuzzy and with bad motion blur, but enough to allow me to create my own leaping doggie. Again, this is Photoshop.

And here are the finished cards:

I gave her two colourways of the leaping dog, since it took me so long, and the doggy group is put together from some vectored dogs I'd done previously. You can't see it in the photo, but the leaping dogs are cut out and raised above the cards with double-sided foam.

As for the german shepherds, I've done one of the above illustration and one silhouette (also raised up with double-sided foam) and rounded out the set with a playful puppy that was part of the incidental linework in my honours project way back when. 

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