Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sketches: Misc

Here's a little sketchdump:

Part of my current portraiture commission – about 4 hours so far (but a lot of that was the initial linework, it's a full-body of two people, so it took a while)


An iPad sketch of my dog, to test out my new Wacom Bamboo Stylus. 
I had done a very detailed sketch to see what I could do with different brushes in Sketchbook Pro... but the app ate it. >.< I was not amused.
This one took me all of five minutes, if that, but I like it. 

An iPad sketch I did with my finger way back on Boxing Day. It's not perfect, but I did spend quite a while on it, so thought it should be posted. 

And I'm on a 30s musicals kick. Last night I watched 42nd Street, and became fascinated with the sleeves. They're huge, and often quite bizarre in that movie.
The above is an iPad sketch I did while watching the news – Sketchbook Pro and Bamboo Stylus again. I am liking the stylus, it makes iPad sketching easier on my hand, and I can be more painterly. Possibly the fact that I keep my fingernails long didn't help with the whole finger-painting thing, but I never really got the hang of it properly. 

And below is a silly little entry in my sketchbook. Ruby Keeler got enormous sleeves in 42nd Street, Bebe Daniels got killer shoulder-pads with ornamentation. =P

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