Friday, June 7, 2013

Needle Felting: Kimono Girl

Here's my latest needle felting creation. My lovely friend Tilly gave me a book on needle felting (Wool Toys and Friends by Laurie Sharp) which she picked up at the recent Perth Craft Fair. I myself picked up a couple of new wool colours at the Craft Fair (although there is still almost no stuff for needle felting available, and the colour selection was extremely limited – but so was my budget, so there we are =P) so I was able to branch out a bit. I thought I'd make something from the book, and picked a little Japanese figure (Tilly does Japanese, and studied there for a few months while at uni).... and then got carried away and completely changed it, so the project in the book is really only a lauchpad by now. 

It was lots of fun doing all the little details. I still need a lot of practice with faces, but I don't think this is too bad for a first attempt.

A shot with my hand, to show size:

Here's a look at the original project in the book, so you can see how far I pushed it (or how bad I am at following instructions, whichever way you want to look at it =P)

photo from Craftside

Merino and Corriedale wool with 'fine' and 'coarse' needles (no, no idea what gauge they are, the packet doesn't say). 


  1. You have managed good detail with such a small creation. Well done on shaping lips and a nose. I don't think the book's example went this far.

    1. Haha, yes, I got a bit carried away, but it was fun adding extra details and a bit more realism (although the original project was so very cute) ^.^

  2. love your little kimono girl! especially the hair accessory!!!
    where did you get your needle felting supplies from in perth?

    1. Thanks so much, Joy!
      I've picked up felting supplies at various places – the Fox Collection was where I started, but they haven't had any in lately; I think I just jagged the edition where they had a few felting kits and some spare needles, but no wool. I've got wool from the Perth Craft Fair and some that had been lying around the house which had been bought from the wool shed at the Royal Show some years ago. Bilby Yarns in Willagee has a great selection of wool (merino and corridale) and there's also a small selection in Spotlight (at least the one in Cannington, and just merino) and both of those places also sell some needles. For the foam working pads I beg upholsterers for foam offcuts from their bin, I haven't seen any felting foam available yet.
      You have to dig around a bit, it's not something where supplies are everywhere, unfortunately.



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