Sunday, March 3, 2019

Australian Animals

Here are some sketches of various Australian animals, which I've been doing as bedtime wind-downs. I like to have a little time before bed just to draw something pointless. 

This is a forty-spotted pardalote, endangered and endemic to a small area of Tasmania. I hadn't heard of them, but I saw them on Gardening Australia and they were so cute. They also matched perfectly with Colour Collective's 'Turmeric' prompt, so I included it as a bonus CC as well. 

Here is a numbat. They are also endangered, and native to Western Australia. Obviously I had heard of numbats. A lot. I love them.

A Tasmanian echidna. I saw one on David Attenborough's Tasmania and absolutely fell in love with it, so cute. I was filled with a desire to needle felt one, but I totally don't have felting time right now, so a quick sketch was the best I was going to get:

More below the cut:

This is a barking owl:

Here is a spinifex hopping mouse:  

Here is a feathertail glider:

And finally, here is a sugar glider. I think I need to do another one, I don't think I did justice to the Extreme Cuteness:

These were all done in Adobe Photoshop CC2018 on a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. They all took about 30 minutes each. 

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