Monday, January 10, 2011

Design: Thank You Cards

I'm a little behind on my Christmas Thank You cards this year – but I've got them done now!

Every year, Christmas and Birthday Thank You cards feature this girl. This year she's on a swing; clearly the result of my spending too much time with my nose in the beautiful The Art of Tangled.

Printed on white cardstock, they're made into A6 cards. Previous years have had A5 notes, but I decided to change the format. I used to print them on a pinstripe-textured cream paper, but I've run out – so I slapped a bit of texture on instead, for continuity. 

For Christmas 2008 she was on a scooter. This is still my favourite. 

You can see the original bunch of girls, done for my 21st birthday over here on my deviantart page. 

Photoshop over pencil sketch. No reference. 

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