Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sketch: Tangled

I saw Tangled last Monday (it opened here on the 6th, so I wasn't actually completely behind the times =P) and loved it. I have a very soft spot for happy Disney movies. 

So I started a sketch of the characters, but only got around to finishing it up this afternoon. It's very rough, as it didn't take me very long at all. I did use a screenshot from the trailer for Rapunzel's expression, as it was one I particularly wanted, but everything else was done while just flicking through The Art of Tangled.

Clearly I need to work on chameleons. 

While I was flicking through the aforementioned book, I was constantly bombarded with very expressive faces. Having also come across Tracy Butler's Lacksadaisy Expressions in recent days, I came to the conclusion that I needed to practice exaggerating expressions a bit. What else are other artists (and art books) for if not to cause despondency and a burning desire to get better?

So, out come the usual suspects. Mainly Adele, with a couple of Katia and Edmund at the bottom. I chose Adele to focus on because she was originally designed with a very passive face (in contrast to Katia and her family) so pushing the limits of her expressions would be more of a challenge. The result is that only the profile view really says 'Adele' to me, although I like the middle expression, which very nearly works, I think (some of the others scare me slightly, however =P)
I think I have a way to go yet. I must work harder! 

0.5 mechanical pencil with #B lead in A5 Moleskine Sketchbook. 
The Tangled sketch took be somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half, the expressions about 10 minutes each.

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