Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketch: Rebecca

Character sketches are always a good excuse to draw pretty people not doing much, which is my default state of drawing when tired. Very relaxing! 

This is Rebecca, one of the protagonists in Makenzi Crouch's novel-in-progress. You can read an excerpt of the current draft on her blog over here.

I was focussed on the character, not the background, as you can see. Be thankful there's at least some background! =P 
I hope to do more character sketches soon. They're a nice way to spend my evenings; currently I'm doing illustrations for an educational publisher, so it's nice to wind down with elaborate costuming and sketchy lines. 

0.5 Mechanical pencil with #B lead in Moleskine sketchbook.

As for other works in progress, Gaya is to all intents and purposes finished, and is just going through a rest period, so I can check for mistakes with fresh eyes in a few days. And the wedding portrait that's on the go is, weather permitting, my other project for this week (unless it gets horrid and humid again). 
I then have a couple of other portraits to get going with. 
Busy busy!

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