Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Challenge 1

I was invited by Shealynn over at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe to take part in the November 30-Day Drawing Challenge. I'm afraid I have only time to do sketches, rather than drawings, but I am attempting to do so. 

#1: Yourself
My father's been telling me I'm not cartoony enough with my drawing, so I attempted to cartoon myself. In reality, I look like my blog banner, not like some slightly-crazed 60s-escapee. =P

#2: Favourite Animal
A mouse, of course. A very wonky mouse, in this case, but a mouse nonetheless.

#3: Favourite Food
I'm not much of a foody, but after a bit of thought I decided you can't go past a nice sandwich. This one here is curried egg and lettuce. =)

#4: Favourite Place
Okay, I know, it's not a sketch. The weekend has not been conducive to sketching time, I've either been entertaining, out, exhausted, cleaning or working. But keeping to the schedule, here's a photo of me at my favourite place – my desk. My father took this a couple of months ago. The piece I'm working on is a rough watercolour from a picture in my Tangled music book. You can see it here. 

#5: Best Friend
This, I'm afraid, is not even vaguely recent. In an ideal world I would have lots of time, in the real world I don't have enough (and also while I did do a sketch it's such a terrible likeness that I hate it =P)
So this is a mixed media piece of my friend Tilly, in a kimono. She went on an exchange trip to Japan in mid-2009, and at one point was naturally dressed in a kimono. She sent photos, and I came up with this  – a completely imaginary kimono and parasol, but the hairstyle is real. 

#6: Favourite Book Character – Can't be a Movie
I have too many favourite book characters, so I picked Moist Von Lipwig from Terry Pratchett's Going Postal and Making Money. I happened to have the former on my ipod at the time. 
True, they made a telemovie of Going Postal, but I didn't much agree with the casting, which didn't at all match my imagination. We'll just say this is Moist at the beginning of Making Money, before he switches hats. That has not been filmed. =P


And a bonus sketch. I recently finished reading Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm. 
I'd seen the movie before, and they set it in the 30s, which is fabulous, but I discovered that the book is set 'some time in the future' – it was published in 1932, and a war is mentioned as being in 1946, so at a guess I'd say it's technically set somewhere around 1950. There are some odd futuristic things mentioned, but it's quite bizarrely easy to transfer costume descriptions from the 30s to the 50s.

So here we have Flora Poste. Not as portrayed by Kate Beckinsale – this Flora with blonde hair, and a no-nonsense early 50s suit, probably contemplating how to sort out someone's life to her satisfaction. 


  1. Ooh, these are nice! I really like that last one!


  2. These are awesome! I love your sketches. :) Thank you for joining



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