Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sneak Peek: Bawang Putih 2

Slow going, mainly because I've had other things to do, but I'm very nearly finished Bawang Putih. This pleases me very much, as I'm getting sick of it sitting on my desktop, staring balefully at me while I work on other things. =P

Click for a bigger size. =)

As I mentioned before, this was mainly practice at backgrounds. I find natural backgrounds rather alarming to attempt, and I'd never tried a rainforest-type before. What we have here is a mixture of elements that I've drawn, and a montage of photographs that I took in Malaysia. Very much an experiment in technique!
I've been trying to get across that heavy, humid, saturated appearance Malaysia has when it's just been raining, and I think at any event the result could be worse. =P

Hopefully I shall have this completed in the very near future!

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