Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Challenge 3

No, I hadn't forgotten the challenge. I just got rather swamped. I was down in Margaret River from Saturday to Tuesday (leaving just before the awful fires, which was fortunate for us. It's so awful to see that so much of the area right around where we were staying is now obliterated. =( ) When I got home I found work waiting for me, and this week I also wrote in our mammoth pile of Christmas cards, which took me quite some time. 

However, without more adieu, we resume the broadcast of the November Challenge: 

#13: Comic
This is based on an incident last week where I'd just washed the dog. For the first time in ages he forgot that he's ancient (16) and rather decrepit and did the classic crazed running round-and-round the house. I was actually playing the piano while he was doing this, and he was running in and out of the room around me, so you can imagine the theme music from The Saint to go with this. 
And after all that he put himself to bed, poor thing. =P 

#14: Favourite Fairytale
Beauty and the Beast, despite the fact that I've now done 3 illustrations for various versions of Cinderella, and two for the Little Mermaid, and none for this one. =P

#15: Family Portrait
Based on a photo taken in Penang earlier this year.

#16: Inspiration
Uh.... everything? 

#17: Favourite Plant
I don't really have a favourite plant, so I went with the orange tree in our back yard, which produces the world's best oranges. 

#18: Just a Doodle
 My ground state of sketching is faces.

#19: Something New
This is a scarf I bought myself recently. It's white with navy stripes and a red trim. 

#20: Something Orange
Voila.... an orange. I am so original. >.<

#21: Something You Want
A personal laser cutter is high on my list. I covet them. 

#22: Something You Miss
My Grandmother, who died in 2006. I knew her the longest and best of all my grandparents.

#23: Something You Need
My sketchbook and basic sketching tools. I carry them pretty much everywhere.

#24: A Couple
A bit of a cheat here; this is a sketch I did about a month ago, and never posted. It's based on some publicity photos in the programme from the WA Ballet's Taming of the Shrew; Bianca and one of the suitors.

#25: Scenery

#26: Something You Don't Like
Spiders! *shudder*

End of broadcast, with four sketches to go!

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  1. Wow, your sketches look so good. In fact all your art is amazing (I've just been looking round your blog).

  2. Thanks so much Imogen! These aren't particularly impressive sketches really – I did them so fast! =P But I'm so glad you like them!



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