Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Challenge 4

Made it! It hasn't ticked over to midnight yet, so it's still November, and I'm done with the challenge. It would have been nice to do full-blown illustrations, like some of the other people in the challenge, but I just didn't, alas, have the time. November has been far too busy!

#27: Someone You Love
I love lots of people – my family, my friends. If I'm in a good mood I love practically everyone. =P However, I already have some family and friends in this challenge, and wanted to do something different. But I don't have a fella, so here is a Mystery Man. (Don't think I'm a sad lonely person, I'm quite happy as I am, truly! ^.^) 

#28: Anything You'd Like
Here's the start of a sketch for what will hopefully turn into a small ink-and-watercolour. Inspired by a little girl I saw in Dunsborough – she was rollerskating, and fell over. She didn't cry, she just looked really shocked, with her mouth forming a perfect 0. ^.^

#29: A Place You'd Like To Go
I visited England four times when I was little – once when I was 6, again when I was 7, 9 and 11. I'd love to go again, I really loved it there. I couldn't decide on one specific place in England, so we have a freehand sketchmap of the England, Scotland and Wales. 

#30: A Congrats Banner For Finishing The Challenge

And your bonus sketch for today is an Egypian shadouf that I knocked up extremely quickly for my mother, who has been doing getting-water-in-harsh-environments with her year 3s, and needed a picture that wasn't breaking copyright. 

Clearly it could be much better, but she wanted 24 of them on one A4 page, so I wasn't going to go into much detail. =P This was done freehand in Photoshop CS4. 

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  1. I got to your last picture and laughed. My Dad's been teaching his class about Egypt and shadoufs for the past term.

  2. Haha, small world! Do you get roped into providing class resources too, Imogen? ^.^

  3. Yes, I help Dad with just about everything he does. I've cut out hundreds of coins, laminated things, advised him a couple of times, and just generally been his helper. His kids know he doesn't do his own preparation most of the time.

  4. Ah, coins. I've cut out a lot of coins in my time too! I also create a tonne of worksheets to my mother's instructions, type up their stories and make covers for them, and anything else that needs doing (generally at the last minute =P) All of which has put me in very good stead for educational publishing illustration! =)



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